Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School

So today was the first day of school for my munchkins. Anthony and Joey had a great morning. I could hardly believe how quickly they got ready for school, compared to last year. That must show how much they missed all their friends. Serenity was so super excited. She wore her sailor dress which she always wants to wear but is just too dressy for everyday. And she got to use her new lunch box in Mrs. Josephine's class, which is the Kindergarten enrichment class at the day care I work at. Then she got to get on the bus from JLDC and go to Schwenksville. She was so excited because she actually knows quite a few kids in her class either from the day care or the nursery school class she was in last year. Out of 20 kids she knows at least 7 or 8, which is pretty good. Serenity had spanish today, which she keeps saying she went to english class and learned how to say Ohla (I can't spell it but you know what I mean) SO here are a few pictures. I am really mad though because as I was coping them off the camera and onto the computer it said it "lost" 19 pictures. Thankfully most were just random snapshots from our trip to NC this summer. I am sad to lose those but they were anyspecial ones. But I did lose a few from this morning, I could cry. I had some great shots of Anthony and Joey by themselves and a cute one of them together which are all lost. The other picture that stayed... of course was the one I let them do the goofy pose. Jimmy says it looks more natural for them anyway. But at least I still have that one. I would be devestated if I lost all the ones of the boys completely.

Anthony and Joey goofy picture, still a great pic. Serenity before we left for daycare

Serenity's morning enrichment program Serenity on the bench waiting for the bus

Serenity getting on the bus

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