A little extra $$

Hey who can't use a little extra money. These are some of the programs I KNOW work, and are legit. You won't make a ton of extra but every little bit will add up.

Search & Win

Swagbucks is a search engine that give you points to then spend on gift cards, and even paypal. You get points off referrals and also if you do offers for them.

You Data - You data pays for your attention. They take your interests and your life information that you give them, and then show you ads and websites that might interest you. And unlike other pay per click sites, they pay you by paypal every Friday. Most likely you will only receive a few cents each week, I think the most I ever received in one week was 1.56, but that was $1.56 I was bale to put towards a diaper purchase that didn't come from my pocket. And there is no minimum payout, no stay on this site for a certain amoutn of time. It is worth trying out.

Constant Content - It is a place to write articles and get paid for them.Paid through Paypal.