Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Apple for the teacher

{Look at me, 2 posts i the same day}

Serenity was all tucked into bed. We were getting settled, and she comes out into the living room, very sheepishly, and asks, "Mommy, can I bring an apple to my teacher tomorrow?" For the split second all I could do was look at my beautiful little girl and think, Oh My Gosh, she is just the sweeetest thing ever. I answered her, "Of course you can baby." She beamed me a one of a kind Serenity smile and said, still very bashful, "I want her to know how much I like her and love her. " Now I am fighting the Aweee mommy response for fear of embarrasing her. SO I just tell her how I think it is a very sweet thing to do. We pick out the best looking apple we have, and then she is worring that it will be brown if we put it in her back pack because the apple she took to school today for snack had a small brown spot on it, and she doesn't want to give Mrs. Ulmer a brown apple. We reassured her that the apple she had must have already had a small bruise on it because it wouldn't have gotten it from her backpack. Then she was worried about a napkin for her. Unfortunaltely on this one, I could do anything. We do not use disposible napkins at our house. We use cloth napkin because I hate to make trash. She finally settled for this and went back to bed. I think her teacher made quite an imapct on her today. I don't know where she learned about bringin an apple to the teacher, but I think it was the sweetest thing I have ever heard come from a child.

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