Sunday, August 30, 2009

First day of school is coming soon

All three of the kids are getting ready for their first day of school on Wednesday. Anthony will be heading off to 7th grade. He will be on the Titans this year. It wasn't the team he wanted, but it will all work out fine. Joey is joining him this year at the middle school. Joey is going to be on Element this year. His home room teacher is "the best teacher ever!" So apparently he is very excited to have hi,. I can't believe I will have 2 in middle school. That is mind blowing. But not as much as thinking of my little Serenity starting Kindergerten. She is so excited. She has Mrs. Ulmer. I hear really great things about her from kids and parents, so that makes me happy. Serenity had kindergarten orientation on the 27th, and she was so excited. She even got to ride on the bus around the school. She met her bus driver that day too. Well one of them. She will have 2 because of leaving from JLDC to go to school and then from school she will be coming home. So on the 27th she met Mrs. J (who I have known for 5 years when Joey went to kindergarten) and then coming home from school she will have Kathi, and well, I have known her forever. My little girl couldn't be in better hands. Not that I was worried, I trust most of the bus drivers thanks to Jimmy knowing them all. And he would have told me if we had one I shouldn't be happy with.
The kids have *most* of their school suppiles for school. Just a few odds and ends to pick up. Nothing major. We still need to do some clothes shopping but they have enough to start back with. I can't believe how fast the summer went. But I know they are excited to get back to school.

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