Saturday, July 3, 2010

That was fun

We spent the night out in the yard watching some fireworks that you can set off at hoime. It was Willow's first time ever seeing them. She was very impressed. And it was actually one of the first ones that Serenity remembers. Which is weird because she remembers everything, but doesn't remember us setting them off last year. We set off some of the fireworks you buy at the little stands, and then the kids did some sparklers. It was fun. We were hanging out with my brother, who lives upstairs, my cousin, who lives in the attached apartment, and my brother's friend who I have known my whole life. Plus it was my 4 kids, my cousins 2 kids, and the friends 2 kids. So everyone really had a good time.

My boys lit fireworks and sparklers for the first time. Talk about a nervous moment. I held my breathe. They were supervised by my brother, but I was still a nervous wreck. They are 12 and 13 and they have never used a lighter (at least not infront of me, now sneaky behind my back I don't know).

I am looking forward to tomorrow night when we go Skippack to see the "real" fireworks. They put on a great show. We are suppose to go to the parade and then fireworks with my friend, and future inlaws as long as Willow stays with the plan, LOL. But I can't wait. I love fireworks and I have missed out the past few years. Between bad weather and feeling lusy with pregnancy, and a grumpy child or 2 I haven't been able to go the past few years. So this year I am really excited.

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