Saturday, July 3, 2010


I came on the computer last night to blog. I didn't have anything in particular to write but wanted to at least get on here since I have been slacking a lot since summer started. And I know me, if I slack to much too much the whole blog will fall by the waste side. So I came on last night, and got distracted. I though, ok, before I start a new blog I need to fix my you tube account. I had tried to upload a few videos I had taken of Willow walking with her toy and of Serenity riding a horse ride at the outlets. So I fixed it, uploaded my videos and got lost watching ASL videos. Most of my subscriptions are of people signing songs. I love ASL. I took a class a few years ago, and Serenity LOVES the signing times videos. Me too. I have learned a lot from them. And now we are teaching Willow to sign. I need to get her some of the baby signing times because they are meant for babies.

SO that was how I spent my night. I watched videos and by the time I remembered I had come online to blog, it was past midnight and I was too tired. Plus, for the past week Willow has woken up at 3 and cried for 2 hours no matter what I do. So I knew my time to sleep was limited.

You should check out Signing Times. It is great for older children and for babies. And I think even adults benefit from them.

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