Monday, July 26, 2010

The Evening the Lights Went Out in Spring Mount

We have been having an intense heat wave lately. The temps have been over 100 degrees. I have lost track of how many days in a row it has been. Even with the air on, it has been 77 in here. Well, out goes the lights. Off goes the air. The only thing you hear is the beeping of the backup sump pump.

Thankfully the storm had lower the temp outside somewhat. So we decided to load the kids up and just drive, with no real destination.

We drove around aimlessly. We drove past the power plant.

They are making power, but none for me. :(

As we drove around we ended up way out, somewhere we never were before. I couldn't believe we found the Village of the Yellow House. And guess what, HERE is the yellow house. I know this has been on everyone's mind, Just where is the house of the Village of the Yellow house.

By 8:00 we were all starving. The kids got a special treat. We stopped off at Burger King.

We came home to lights, a hot house, and sleepy kids. It was a fun time.

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April said...

Glad you was able to go out and have a good time, while waiting for your electric to come back on. We've had our power go out several times this past month from bad storms. Thank goodness it's been at night when the temps we're at least in the lower 80's.