Friday, July 23, 2010

A paper butt... what will the neighbors think?

My poor little Willow has had horrible diaper rash for days.She has been pooping A LOT, and even though we caught it quickly, she is still getting so red and the skin is broken. Add to that , her diapers have been starting to get amonia build up and stinking. So I planned to strip most her diapers and keep her in the few prefolds we have that almost never get used. So I knew those didn't need it. I don't think I even used them since the last time I stripped the diapers. I have about 9 or 10 of them. This morning I sent Jimmy to get me some dawn, and I took all the diapers to the washer. It is going to take about 2 loads because of all the g diaper inserts.

Willow has been pooping so much, that with changing her as soon as she wets, she has gone through all her prefolds too.

I had to put my baby in a paper butt. When we were getting her dressed, even though she had a little sun dress, Jimmy put a pair of shorts on her. He said it was to cover her diaper. Yes, because what would the neighbors say to her paper butt.

Right now all the cloth is drying and I can not wait to get that horrible chemical mess off my baby girl


Mr Monkey said...

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Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

Oh poor little thing! Some diaper rash creams are so harsh on their little bums and do more harm than good. I use Vaseline and cornstarch on baby's bottom when it gets red! Hopefully she'll be back in her comfy cloths again real soon!