Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Loving Summer

I am enjoying my summer so far. But it is kicking my butt. The days have been non stop. We spend most days at the pool. The pool is great. It has a gradual entry so Willow can sit and it is only a few inches. Then we can walk out a little and it slowly gets to 3'6". Serenity loves the little slide and the fountain. Then there is a deeper pool for the boys. With 3 really cool slides.

The problem is I am beat. Willow gets up bright and early. And there is no cleaning with her awake. Then we go to the pool. Come home, make dinner, try to get things straightened up before getting the kids ready for bed. By the time I even get settled, it is after 10. Then I try to unwind.

As fun as it is, I have a neglected house and a neglected blog. I guess I need to try harder at finding a balance.
Or I could not go to the pool and park so much... Yeah like that will happen. LOL

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