Saturday, May 8, 2010

Variety Club Camp fundraiser

So today was the Variety Club camp fundraiser. The Vaiety Club is a cub/camp for children with disabilities and delays. The campus is beautiful. I have never been there before. The fundraiserwas to help raise funds to help give scholarships to families who otherwise might not be able to afford to send their children to the summer camp.

We had a blast. Willow was chilling out in her Iameverywear carrier.
She loves her carrier. When she sees it, she gets so excited. She knows we are going out somewhere. Doesn't it look like she is giving the thumbs up.
All of our names intertwined.               Serenity and Joey doing chalk 
I actually did that with Willow on my back                                                     
Jimmy playing with a sensory toy         Serenity making a picture    
Jimmy playing in the moon bounce with the kids.
And Lil Miss Willow sound asleep. She was fighting it until the hood went up. Hood went up, she went out.
On the way home. This is Jimmy's impression of Bruce Springstein. Yeah, he was being silly.

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