Friday, May 7, 2010

My thrifty find

I love a bargin. I mean honestly who doesn't. We needed to head to the dollar store the other day to get some teacher appreciation gifts. I had been planning to get the teachers at my (kind of sort of) work coffee, breakfast and new travel mugs to go with it. SO while we were there, the kids of course wanted to go down the toy/baby aisle. Sometimes they have cute litle tees or shorts. I have bought a few of the tees in the past, but when I saw these cute little dresses I had to grab on in every color. They are really cute, and really light and summery. And add that to the fact that it was really hot out and Willow has almost no summer clothes. This is the one of the dresses. They are all basically the samebut in different colors. They will be perfect for the hot summer.
See my turtle in the background.

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