Sunday, May 9, 2010

CSI and FBI at my house for a murder...

Mother's Day was eventful. My kids played CSI all morning while we were making breakfast. It was really cute. Made me realize how much they take in from the crime shows, both dramatic and real, that I watch. They knew what a warrant was, and made crime scene tape. They came to question me, asking about my alibi, and their Daddy's too. Turns out, the culprit was right under their noses. Joey and Serenity used their FBI badges, and their crime scene kits. Even lifted prints from my laptop. It was so nice tho have some time in the morning that required no technology (ex. computers and video games) and no bickering! That was the best part. I love watching them play and be creative. I swear Joey and Serenity can make something to play with out of anything, and they are good at dragging Anthony into it, even when he doesn't really want to. you know, he is too cool now that he is 13. LOL

Serenity checking for a pulse, see the gloves (L)
Jimmy taking the liver temp for time of death (R)

Serenity with her badge and crime scenen kit (L)
Serenity picking up evidence with a tissue so as not to contaminate it (R)             

Joey dusting my laptop for prints (L)
Joey crossing the crime scene tape (R)

Finger prints of the vic.


Miranda said...

I love it! That is such a cute idea.

Happy Gramma said...

That is great to see them use their imagination. Yes, I know they were a take off of a TV show, but they were still being creative and that is good!
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Katie said...

That is so amazing!!! My son also watches CSI and absolutely loves it. It's so interesting what our kids pick up and we use to pick up when we were their age. It's like the twilight zone.

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