Monday, May 17, 2010

My review of Iameverywear carrier

     I received a free Iameverywear carrier through scandianvian child/ lillebaby to test out. Before checking this one out, for Willow, I had a mama made sling, a ring sling, a stretchy wrap and a woven wrap. I use the ring sling mostly, it is great quick throwing on to walk my older daughter to the bus stop. It was also great for a quick run into the store. But the down fall with the ring sling, for me, was I couldn't put Willow on my back. That is truely my favorite position for her. It keeps her happy, and "out of the way" so to speak. I can do dishes, cut veggies, work on my plants and garden. Whatever.
     I love the versatlity of my wraps. I love that I can cradle Willow, throw her up on my back, breastfeed discreetly, wear her facing in or out. The down fall of the wrap. It is complicated, and time consumming. And if I am out in the yard, the tails get dirty while I put it on. Another issue, when Willow is on my back, it is very hard for her to fall asleep. Her head rolls all over and she gets cranky. Also, once she does fall asleep, it is impossible to get her off without waking her.
     The next carrier I had wanted to buy was an asian style carrier. But the price of them... well it was no time soon.
    Now enter my new Iameverywear carrier. OK, I AM IN LOVE!!!!! This has everything I love so much. I don't have the cradle attachment, but Willow wouldn't really like it anyway.But I could use it that way if I wanted to. She can face forward watching everything around her. She can face inward, snuggled up watching everything. I can also nurse discreetly this way. If I use the sleeping hood. She can go on my back. There is a saftey harness on the inside. It buckles the baby to the carrier. It reminds me of the buckle in a shopping cart, but it comes up through her legs too. It has a neck support cushion, that can be removed if you want. And then one of my favorite features that I can't have with a wrap. The sleeping/sun hood. I can have her in the inward posistion or on my back, and use the sleeping hood. And since Willow is almost always on my back, it is very easy to pull up over her head by my self.  And speaking of using the carrier on my back, it is extremely easy to do by myself. The only time I do not reach for this carrier, is when I am running late for the bus stop and need to be able to adjust and put her in the carrier as I am on the run. I honestly love every feature about this carrier.

The girls and I before heading off to a community day    Willow sound asleep with her hood up
She would not go to sleep until I put the hood on. It really was the sweetest thing.

My one and only complaint of the carrier: I am a fluffy girl as it is, but the buckle that fastens around my waist, gives that added muffin top. Even on women who are nice and skinny. But I am sure that can be fixed, maybe adjusting the tightness. But seriously, that is my one and only complaint.

And to show how easy it is and just because I think it is just too cute:

You can read some of our adventures so far using the carrier here and here. Plus I use this carrier almost every day to walk about 20 minutes to get the van from hubby's work.

I would happily buy this carrier, I think it pretty much replaces all my other carriers.

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Mrs. Love said...

I couldn't agree with you more! A superior product that is my favorite hands down! Enjoy!