Saturday, May 15, 2010

Community Day

We had a great day. Unfortunately Jimmy had to work again. So I packed the kids up and we headed out to Skippack to Marshal Oil Company youth day. When we pulled in, the kids and I all thought it was going to be kind of lame. It didn't look like that much was going on but we decided to check it out anyway. I am so glad we did.
The kids got to check out the fire truck and an ambulance. They have been inside the fire truck lots of time, but never inside an ambulance for no reason.

Then the characters came. I was waiting for Serenity to completely flip. She does NOT like characters. But after we talked again about how it is just people in costumes, she suprised me. And loved every single person who came out. That is huge. This is the child who just a few months ago at the book fair, screamed hysterical because Cat in the Hat walked down the hallway.But today, she was excited and hugging all over them.

There was a moon bounce, and games. Plus an amazing face painter. She gave Serenity a butterfly, Anthony Mario, and Joey Luigi.

Willow hung out the whole time on my back, taking in the sights, and then taking a cat nap.
     After that ended, we headed back into Schwenksville for community day. The boys very quickly ditched us to go hang with friends. Serenity watched a puppet show, planted sunflower seeds and then got a snow cone.
While she ate her snow cone, Willow and I sat in the grass with her. Luckily for Willow, Serenity filled up on snow cone and shared with her. Wow, she loved it. She actually got mad when she thought I wasn't going to give her more. After a long day, we headed home. After the kids showed Jimmy everything they scored from goodie bags through out the day, we hung out in the yard. Willow decided to try to hola hoop. And the big kids played keep away with one of the many beach balls they received today. With the exception of Jimmy not being with us, I love days like today. 
See the sunburn on her arm. That was through sunscreen. ;(

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