Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An intro and a great give away chance

First I would like to say hello. I have been thinking about this for a while. I see these great give aways, and to get entries they say Oh and blog about it too. I never do them, but the items are always so great. Then I thought... wouldn't it be great to keep all these great giveaways in one place. And maybe, actualy do a give away myself one day. Why yes, yes it would. But I didn't want to have it on my family blog, since it seemed to not quite fit in. So  It's A Giveaway was born. LOL. Now on to the first giveaway. ANd it is a super great one too.

My friend Amber Lynn, who has the cutest little girl, has a give away on her blog, Lullabye and Goodnight. Her little Tillie is sporting some super cute flower barrettes. Check them out. I am hoping to win one myself because Willow would look too cute sporting these when we go out. Maybe people would stop calling her a boy then... doubtful since they think she is a boy even dressed head to toe in pink. But she will still be adorable.

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Amber Lynn said...

Thanks for blogging about it! Make sure you post three comments on my blog to get all your extra entries!