Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Playing picinic

This is how my girls spent their morning, for a little while anyway. Serentiy will sit and play for hours with her babies, but Willow get bored quickly. She is Mama's girl and wants to be held. Serenity was having a picinic for her babies. If you look right next to Willow, you see that red patch of hair. That is Ariel, one of Serenity's dolls. It was on the edge of the picinic blanket. Willow reached over when Serenity wasn't paying attention and took her. It took Serenity a while to notice, which is odd for her. She always knows what is going on with her babies. When she did though, she took her baby back. I love having this time to just be with them while the house is somewhat quiet.

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