Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Look Mom, no teeth

Serenity lost 2 teeth. She lets her teeth get so wiggily that they are
barely hanging on. The first tooth has been hanging by a thread for 2
weeks. She wouldn't let me pull it but wouldn't pull it herself. Well
on the way to school the bus hit a bump. Serenity bumped her chin on
the seat in front of her. When she reached into her mouth to wiggle
her tooth, it was gone. Luckily it was on her lap.
When she showed me, I saw how lose the other one was. It was ready
too. Of course she wouldn't let me pull it. After she had a snack, it
was practically falling out. We finally convienced her to let Anthony
pull it. Anthony us the King of teeth pulling. That boy use to go to
bed, with a just starting wiggily tooth, and within a hour, he would
have that tooth out. We use to get so mad at him. But Serenity finally
let him. It was out in one twist. And she never felt it.
So this is her now. Doesn't she look cute? And the tooth fairy brought
her $5 bucks. I guess she got extra because it was 2 in one day. LOL.
She is that much closer to her zhu zhu pet money.

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