Friday, July 16, 2010

Shopping for Willow and Serenity

I was online today shopping for baby products, which is honestly no big surprise since if I am not shopping for yarn for me, I am looking for stuff for Willow or the big kids. I found this site, it is almost like a shopping search engine. Which I love because I really hate trying to search through all the links on a regular search engine.

Today I was looking to see what I can find for Christmas ideas. There are always so many things to that look great but then I forget what they are as I see them, so I figured I would start buying now. I was searching and I found the prettiest crib sets. I know crib sets aren't a huge item you think of for Christmas, but I usually try to have a few practical items in our Christmas too. And if Willow is anything like my other kids, she won't last in the crib for long and will be in the toddler bed shortly after a year. All these crib sets also work on toddler beds.

For Serenity I found this kiddie rocker and table set. OMG it is so stinking cute. Serenity has this really cool loft bed so she has the perfect place under her bed for it. She loves things like this because it makes her feel like she has her own space like ours. Plus her boys have big chairs in their room.

I am absolutely in love with this site. I feel like I can find everything in one place, instead of having to check multiple sites.

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