Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review of "Who Will Rule" and Number Sense

Punflay was nice enough to let me review 2 of their apps for the Iphone. Now anyone who knows me IRL knows I love my phone. It is always with me. I mean always. I use it for everything. Now my kids are hooked. I finally broke down and started letting them play with the games on my phone. But it tough for Serenity because I don't have many apps that are for her, and she gets frustrated. I have been trying to get more for her, but didn't really know what to look for.

"Who Will Rule" is awesome. Serenity love to read books. This book is based on an Australian aboriginal fable. Basically it teaches how we are all equal and need to share the space around us. The graphics are adorable. Each page offers lots to touch to make noises. On some you can make the Earth spin. Others you make the different animal noises, or the clouds rain.

I love the features.
1. It has a Read to me or the kids can read it themselves.

2. Offers several language options, English, French, Spanish and German

3. My Voice - This is my favorite option. I can record myself reading the story for the girls. Willow likes to hear it too. The only thing I would say negatively about this, is I think it needs more recording time. Some of the pages were hard to get read before the time ran out. But that is an easy fix.

4. And then my kids favorite feature is the different ways to make the book's reader sound. There is kid, horror, helium, robot and chipmunk. Serenity gets a huge kick out of changing the voice.

My only other complaint is I wish it was easier to get to the setting page. To get to them now you have to start the story and then click the top of the screen to get to the setting button. I wish it was accessible on the main screen.

I really hope Punfly comes out with more stories like this one. It is defiantely worth the $2.99 app fee.

This is another really good app. It teaches numbers in a very creative fun way. There are several games to choose from.

The first game is booster balls. You have this moster guy who wants you to feed him balls. So then the screen goes to the balls dropping from the top and the kids have to move the catcher side to side to catch them. As each ball drops in the number pops up on the screen.

The next game is Do The Dotty. This is Serenity's favorite game. It is a dot to dot. And once you make the dot to dot, it turns into a picture. Serenity loves how you can take a snap shot and ass it to you pictures on the phone. I have tons and tons of snapshots now in my photos.
You can even change the colors of each picture after you finsish it

The next game is Numberella. The animal tells you what one to pick, the biggest number on the page or the smallest. If you click the wrong number, a cloud comes and it gets struck by lighting.

The next game is fishoonka. This game looks very simple but really makes the kids think. It changes up the order of what it wants them to do each time. Sometimes it wants you to make the red fish equal the yellow, sometimes more than and then less than. It took Serenity a few times to figure it out. She kept trying to do the same operation each time and wasn't following the directions. Once she stopped to listen she really enjoyed it.

The last game is Toot Toot Train.In this game the kids have to start witha certain number of cars hooked to the train. Then the game tells them how many cars they need to head off to chocolate town. So they have to either take some away or move some to connect to the train. The only thing I wish with this game was that it showed the math proble at the top of the page or at least said it verbally. It counts the cars with the kids, but I just would like to say something like you have 9 cars and need 10 to go to Chocolate town. And then Show the 9 + __ = 10. Or something to that effect. But honestly the game is still great like it is.

The game is available in the app store for $1.99 right now, on sale from $2.99.

Serenity gives both games an 10 out of 10. I give both games an 8 out of 10. I think they are both worth the small investment. They are great teaching games and keep kids very entertained.

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