Sunday, May 15, 2011

All quiet on the blogger front

Things have been quiet around here for me. I have spent the past few days either knitting or searching for my text books. I can not believe how expensive text books are. Holy Cow!

We had 3 days of rain here too. As much as it was needed, 3 days of the kids being trapped in the house seems like an eternity.

I am hoping to get some cleaning done today and finish up knitting the longies for my friend. I have so many things on my list I want to do. My kids laugh at my list. There is always some project I want to do. Anth even teases me saying because I have so much time to work on anything. I even have cleaning projects I can't seem to ever get finished. Ah, oh well, I guess I am just always a work in progress. LOL

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