Monday, June 21, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts.

It really has been an insane week and a half. Between end of the year activities with the kids, a sick baby which turned out to be roseola, my mom is up from NC and me trying to get some admission things done for starting schoolo in the fall, by the end of the day I have been falling into bed. I read back on the one pst I made about Willow being sick. It took me about 3 hours to get that small amount typed and by the end I just didn't even care what it said.

So what has been going on? Willow is now a full fledge crawler who wants to walk badly. She is starting to cruise on the couch. She has a fierce fasination with wires. The fever that started in the beginning of last week lasted for 2 days then the day after it was over she got a really bad rash. After calling the dr they said it was just roseola and nothing to be too concerned with. But it did throw everything for a loop. Willow was sleeping really well before she got sick, but she was so grumpy and waking up for those 2 days, I ended up letting her sleep with me. MY BIG MISTAKE! She didn't want to go back to her crib. So when you combine that she wanted to sleep with me, plus she is sitting up and standing when I lay her down, but doesn't know how to get back down again, she has been having trouble getting to sleep again. But happily once she is sleeping things are fine. It was the cutest thing the other night. She was so tired and she fell sleep sitting up. She was sitting there all leaned over, and she would bolt back up cry and fall back to sleep. Poor thing was so tired. I layed her down and she couldn't even fight to get back up.

Serenity is now a first grader. She finished Kindergarten. I am so proud of her. She was so torn with school ending. She wanted summer vacation and the pool and going to NC to see my mom and the beach, but then she wouldn't see her friends everyday. She loves school. She was also going to miss Mrs. Ulmer her teacher. On the last day of school when she got off the bus, she cried hysterically. She was so sad she wasn't going to get to see the fifth graders again. Since they will all be moving on to the  middle school. But now she is excited because she gets tv every night at bed, something that is usually reserved for weekends.

Joey did good in 6th grade. He is really excited for summer too. He has been trying to lay out. He says he is just relaxing on the grass, btu I know the truth, LOL. Especially when he asks how tan his back is afterwards. He is so excited that he doesn't have to take the swim test at the pool this year. He isn't the strongest swimmer though he swims well. The swim test is needed to go down the slide into the 4 foot water. So it isn't over his head. But for him the swim test is hard. They have to swim one length of the pool, which he can do pretty well., But then they have to tread water for a minute, and that one gets him. It usually take s a few times of trying the test before he passes that one. So this year because he is 12 he doesn't have to. Besides that Joey is ecited to go hang out with friends and practice skateboarding moves. Plus he is getting more freedom to ride his bike up into town. It isn't far, but he has to take the walking/biking trail.

Anthony is more bummed about school ending. You would think he would be loving it, but he misses his friends already. I tell him all the time that I will take him to hang out with them, but you know, he is 13 and everything is the end of the world. He is excited about the pool though.

On a sad note for all the big kids, their best friends moved away. Anthony nad Joey have been best friends with Kiyanna and her brother James for about 4 years. Serenity just recently became friends with their little sister, Sammy. And the day before school ended, they moved to Tennesse. It was very hard on them. Anthony is writing her notes enough to fill a notebook I think.

And as for me, I am jsut trying to get my house cleaned and decluttered. Plus I have some awesome reviews and giveaways coming up. I have a great review that I just need to get written up and all. SO stay tuned

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