Friday, June 18, 2010

It has been a rough week

Sorry for the lack of posts.It has been a really hard week. Willow was really cranky this past week. It started with teething, and then the mysterious fever. And yesterday she started with a bad rash over face. She has just been so fussy and must be held by mommy! She has been having trouble sleeping again. When she was sick she ended up sleeping with me again for 2 nights. So then last night she didn't want to sleep in her crib at all. I would lay her down and she cried so bad I ended up having to  cradle her and nurse her to sleep. So imagine how she was tonight. She wanted no part of going to bed alone. Then the days were so busy with all the end of school year things. Plus the last 3 days are half days. And I have been trying to get everything squeezed in in the morning when I usually have a few minutes. I went to the college and did my placement testing this week too. I was happy with my results. I do have to take a refresher course in algebra though.

But it has been a long day. I am so exhausted. I will get on tomorrow to write a good post, lol.

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