Saturday, June 12, 2010

She doesn't seem to know how old she is

I have said multiple times that Willow was hitting milestone remarkably fast. I don't mean ahead of other kids, I mean all at once without giving me time to adjust to it. Well this girl is 8 and half months old. She hasn't really crawled yet. She creeps forward a space or two, then sits back down. Well last night, in an half hour time, she mastered pulling up and she is starting to cruise. Thankfully she has not mastered that yet, but I think that will come by Monday. This picture it looks like she is just standing by herself, but she was leaning her butt against the couch. But doesn't she understand she is not old enoough for this. Doesn't anyone speak "babble"? She isn't understanding me at all. I keep telling her that it isn't time yet for this.Not to mention we only just started being able to lay her down to go to sleep without a hard time. Now she is getting herself stuck. She sits up and can't get back down or else she crawls (backwards, she is good at that, LOL) into the corner and gets herself stuck that way. But tonight she kept getting herself stuck standing up. And crying her little eyes out. She was so exhausted. I went to lay her back down and rub her head a bit. I layed her down, rubbed her little head down her back to her fluffy little heiny 3 times and she was out cold. My sweet girl!
Oh and I almost forgot, what else did she learn to do? Drink slushies from the straw. She did it the other day if the straw was already full, but now she can get it in the straw by herself too. And yes, I let my less than year old child drink a few sips of her brother's slushie. I never claimed to be parent of the year...

Oh yeah, and this morning she woke up with her first tooth. What the heck is going on, LOL.


katieb said...

she's movin'on! amazing what they learn in one year~

Katie said...

Welcome to Mamahood!!!

Lol, kids will walk, talk, chew, poop on the potty whenever they feel that they're ready. It's awesome!