Monday, June 14, 2010

The end of school is almost here

This is the final week of school. Wednesday starts early dismissal and then they are done until September. I am torn on how I feel about this, LOL. In one respect I love summer, I love the slow pace, and hanging out with the kids. We go to the pool and visit my mom in NC. This year we have a season pass to Dorney Park, the amusment and water park about 40 minutes away. And add to the fact I am off all summer (except an hour or 2 a week at night). So we can do lots of things, and have lots of fun.

Then I think of what long weekends are like lately. My kids have been bickering a lot lately. Anthony is in his whole teen mode and even though he isn't as bad as I hear most kids are at this age, he has his moments. He gets moody, and irratable. One minute he loves everyone and the next her can not stand anyone.

Joey is a motor mouth. Yes I said it. A motor mouth. So am I, and I say it with the utmost love. But he will talk and talk and talk. And it gets to the point you can even understand what he is talking about anymore. Then he gets very sick of Serenity, and he wants to stand up for himself with Anthony breaks him down because he is relentless.

Serenity loves school and gets very frustrated at home. Unless we are busy every second, she gets cranky. And since the boys are older than her and can go to the park or to a friends house and she can't she gets miserable. When she gets in those moods, she nit picks until she ends up in trouble.

And Willow as much as she loves having the big kids around, she likes her routine. The big kids always throw her off. I know I will get her on a new schedule. But the hard part will be getting her adjusted to being out all the time.

And then there is getting my schedule adjusted. I never get anything done on days off from school. I get this mind set of hey they get the day off I want the day off too. Plus we are all over the world so things never get done.

So in general I am excited but dreading the bickering, and starting with each other. Plus the kids not getting their chores done, and omplaining their is nthing good to eat. But honestly I am excited about it all. I love having the kids home and can't wait to start planning our daily activites.

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