Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Willow's Snugglie Review of Cow Belle Boutique

Willow loves her snugglie from Cow Belle Boutique. Actually Celia, the owner of CowBelle Boutique, calls them WuvBs. But in our house all special blankets are called snugglies. This one is made of beautiful, squishy hand dyed OBV, organic bamboo velour. Willow's snugglie, was a custom order made just for her. I loved this colorway when I saw it on Celia's hyena cart. She makes the most beautiful colorways. I had a hard time deciding between this one and another one she had at the time. When we ordered it, it was the perfect size for Willow. She fell in love with instantly.And I love how soft and squishy it is.
Here is a picture of Willow the day she got it.

Isn't it gorgeous. She loved it from the first moment.

Here she is now, playing with her snugglie after her nap.

My only complaint about this snugglie, is that I need a bigger one. That is on my list as my next non-diaper fluffy buy.
Celia just finished dyeing up some more OBV and is busy sewing away so you can expect a big stocking coming soon. She makes drama pads, which are mama cloth, nursing pads, WuvBs, the occasional adorable child's outfit, and she just started making reusable tampons. Check out her hyena cart here and "like" her facebook page here so you can get all the latest news on what to expect from here shop.
Also, keep an eye out for a giveaway. Celia and I are working on one coming soon.


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Hi! Following you back from TTA! I love that you had your baby do the review :) Good idea and great pics!

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