Thursday, May 27, 2010

Will she be a CD pro when she grows up?

 It is so cute. Serenity had been trying to help me the past few days since I have been having to stay off my foot. Well, she likes to ge the diapers for Willow. I have them organised on the changing table. Each type is in its own bin. On the top theones we use the most, the AIO, pockets are in 2 bins. Next to them are the g diapers. On the second shelf are the fitted diapers with the covers next to them. Well, most of the AIO and \pockets are just plain pul in different colors. And the g's are just the basic colors. The fitted diapers all have the pretty patterned fabric. Serenity loves these.Her favorite diaper is a mama made fitted with giant cherries on them. Well the first time she got a diaper for me, she brought out a fitted. I explained to her that with a fitted we need a cover. After I explained where the covers are, she came back with the right ones. So the next time she got a diaper for me she came back with an AIO so I figured she thought it was too much work. Daddy does, LOL. So that was all for that day, and the next day I had the diaper bag with me so she didn't need to get any. Well we were stuffing pockets and snapping in liners  from doing diaper laundry. Serenity picks up her favorite fitted and put it in the right bin. I stopped what I was doing to watch her. She knew where each diaper went and what it needed. I asked her " So when you get a fitted for me, what else do we need.?" She reaches in and hands me a cover.

It was the coolest thing. I was so excited to see she really understood the whole concept. I know, that right nowif you are not a cloth diaper user, you are reading this going, ok yeah sure. I know that is the look my husband gives me. He doesn't understnad my fluffy love. He uses them, and likes them, but just doesn't understnad my excitement.


Alix said...

Still can't believe Serenity is old enough to helping out like that. But not really surprising - she was always pretty smart!!!

Beth said...

Thanks for the TTA follow. Here to return it. I never used cloth diapers so some of your terminology lost me but Serenity sounds like a smart little thing!

QueenB said...

debi, i already followed you- but i'm stopping to say hi. and how cute she likes helping with CD's!! my 2.5 year old is VERY particular about what diapers my 9mo old is to wear. and he gets very upset if i dont use his chosen diaper (we have diff for bedtime)


Joy Tamsin David said...

Following back from Tuesday Tag Along. You have a beautiful family. :)

Joy from