Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm bringing fluffy back!

Willow wasn't able to wear her cloth for about a month. Our washing maching broke back in December. It wasn't worth fixing and we couldn't get a new one. For a while we were still suing the cloth and just washing them at the laundry mat. But the laundry mat is over 20 minutes away and we were going every week to keep up. Well, I just couldn't keep up so it was getting to 2 weeks. Life was just too busy. But I didn't have 2 weeks worth of diapers. Not to mention dragging both girls to the laundry mat for 2 hours. But I didn't have 2 weeks worth of diapers. I mean that is a whole lot of diapers. Plus we were having stink issues with them sitting for 2 weeks. Well, finallythe laundry mat in town opened. It is 5 minutes away. I can run up, drop off a load, and come home even. So that was 2 weeks ago. But yesterday I got great news. We are getting an old washer. But at least it works! And I can hang a clothes line out back to dry the dipes. I am so very excited. So now... I'm bringing fluffy back, I'm bringing fluffy back.
SO of course, I have to show Willow in her fluffy butt, a happy heiny.


Miranda said...

YAY for a fluffy bum!!!!

Velvet Over Steel said...

I totally understnd! I used cloth diapers when my boys were babies. Back when people had gotten far away from having to use cloth and couldn't understand why I was. The same story with breast feeding. My mother-in-law & her thought I was crazy because I 'didn't have to'. Anyway, I WANTED to do both for my son's AND it was the only way I could stay at home with each of them the first year. So anyway, I totally understand! :-) I LOVE the picture of your beautiful baby girl in her 'fluffy'. So cute!
Following & glad I found your sweet blog! Have a great weekend! ~ Coreen

zookeeperjess said...

Awesome!!! I'm so glad. I just love cloth diapers!

I had to come to your blog because I saw your (last?) name and thought it was crazy because my husbands first name is Gerhardt and EVERYONE always thinks it's his last name!