Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Halloween

What do you mean it is the middle of May? Ok, so I am a little late.The pictures were stuck on my camera.  But I can still show off the adorable pictures, right?

So this was Willow's first Halloween, Anthony 2nd year of being able to go off on his own, and Joey's first. Of course it had to be a really crappy night. It was raining so hard. But that didn't stop us. So the boys went off with their best friends, James and Kianna. Jimmy and I took the girls out.

      All my little munchkins                                My little unicorn
A skater, hippie, pumpkin, and unicorn                                              
           The whole gang                                 A little pumpkin
                                                           And I knitted that hat, finished it 3
                                                            minute before it was time to go

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