Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day in Skippack

Skippack was having a yard sale today. It was open to anyone, just $10 bucks for a spot. Usually when things are going on in Skippack the place is mobbed and is lots of fun. So I planned to take the kids out, let them bring their allowance and have fun. Turns out Jimmy had to work today, so he had the car. I packed the kids up, threw Willow in her new carrier and we walked down to firehouse where Jimmy parks the car and headed out to Skippack. Well, the yard sale wasn't that great. It was a small turn out and the stuff wasn't really anything worth even looking at. But the kids loved it. Serenity found 2 necklaces as soon as we got there, that she "just had to have". Anthony did luck out with a WII game for 5 bucks. Everyone loves the SIMS  and Jimmy and Anthony love Survivor and this is SIMS 2 castaways. Looks like best of both. And Joey found a puppet. Joey loves things like this. It is cute though. At first he wanted one of those ventriloquist ones, you know with the wooden heads, and those mouths and... NO WAY! I hate those things. They totally creep me out. I have seen Twilight Zone. I know what happens with those things when you aren't looking. Nope, no creepy wooden dolls. But the cute fuzzy thing is ok.
     Since the yard sale was a bust (in my eyes at least) I asked the kids if they wanted to go look through the stores in town. Well, with hopes to stop off at the candy store, the kids were all for it.  Turns out, the CANDY STORE CLOSED! But they still got to get ice cream. We stopped off at Sweet Treats on Skippack Pike. The lady was AWESOME. I don't usually stop for things like that so it was a real treat for them.
Joey wanted a coffee flavored cone,

 Anthony went with a cookie dough cup,

and Serenity got mint choc chip.

That left poor Willow. Since I wasn't having ice cream. She wasn't going to have any except a lick or 2 from theirs. After one taste... that wasn't going to happen.
She wanted her OWN! The  owner gave her a dog cone. Have you seen these. They are little tiny cones and it holds like a cookie scoop size of ice cream. So sweet and so cute.

Can you tell she loved it!

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