Monday, May 3, 2010

Cafe Press shirts!!

So funny thing this morning. I get the baby down for a nap and have a few minutes to get one here. I open up the computer, and needed to jump on facebook to get a message. I was just about to set my status as "Looking for a new give away, be back soon with blog update" Before I get the chance, I see my friend has a post up about her rockin' cousin and her awesome blog and she is having a give away. WAHOO! Work  was half way done for me. A great bonus to an already busy morning. So I click the link to check it out. Turns out I follow this blog. It was one of those random things, I stumbled across a while ago, clicked follow and started reading about this woman and her twins, who I didn't know. But I love kids and love reading, and her twins are just too stinking cute not to check out. Plus, she is entertaining so that is a bonus. So, anyway, she is offering a contest of these adorable Mommy and baby cafe press t shirts. The tees are made on ORGANIC American Apparel shirts. There are so many they offer. I still haven't had a chance to look at every single option. So check out her blog, and do the entries. It is that simple. And check out those sweet babies. Aren't they too cute!

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