Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where did her laugh go?

First sorry it has been a few days. This weekend and the beginning of the week has been insane. There have been so much going on.

This morning, Serenity, Willow and I were chilling out snuggling in my bed. I don't remember what set Serenity off, but she started doign this fake laugh she has been doing. It is the most irritating sound. And it goes on way longer than a normal laugh does. It is a seriously annoying new habit. S this morning when she was started doing it, I asked her to please stop with the fake laugh. Then I asked why she was using her fake laugh. She looked at me very serious, and says, "Well I lost my laugh Mommy." Now trying very very hard not to laugh, I asked "You did? How did that happen?" "I don't know" she says, "and I can't remember where I had it last." SO I had her climb up into my lap and told her this super silly joke about a worm from when I was a kid. By the time the joke is done, she is laughing hyterical, a true laugh. Apparently the laugh must have been hiding under the blankets in my room.

And just because this is such a cute picture... Serenity this afternoon at the bus stop:
See that super cute barette in her hair. It is from Sabrina at Daisy Dew and Tutu. We just got them in the mail yesterday and even though it did not match her outfit, she begged to wear it today. Sabrina made a matching one for Willow.

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