Sunday, April 25, 2010

Picinic this weekend

It has been a nice weekend, well part of it anyway. Yesterday (Saturday) my cousin and I planned a picinic at the park. Between the 2 of us, we have a pretty big bunch. There was myself, and Jimmy with our 4 kids. Kimmy had her oldest daughter there, with her little boy and boyfriend. Then she has 4 more kids. It was so great to get all of us together, something which almost never happens where we can all make it. It was gorgeous during the day... but of course our plans were for dinner time. The weather turned chilly and by the end started to rain. But we had a great time. We had hot dogs and chicken salad, amish macaroni salad, chips, the kids had soda, and there were veggies. Franconia Park in Harleysville, has nice grills in the park. Plus a playground with swings and a merry go round, and a small trial, also a sand volleyball area. Of course, the kids found a giant contruction hill to climb on. It was great because there was something for all the kids, who are a wide range of ages. Willow is the youngest at 7 months, then Kimmy's baby, Jamir, is around 10 months, then Angel who is 2 1/2, Jayden, Jessie's son, just turned 3, Serenity, 6, Lindsey,10, Joey, 12, Jenna also 12 (She is older than Joey by 3 months), and Anthony, 13. They all had a blast.

     All the "BIG KIDS"                          Kimmy and Angie
Jayden & Mommy              Jessie stuck in the tube

Serenity pushing the merry go round     Kimmy and Jessie upside down       
    Willow 1st swinging                 Jamir Swinging                  
           The Babies                           Me and Willow     

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