Sunday, September 27, 2009

She is here

Willow Jade Gerhart was born September 21, 2009 at 2:30 pm. After a relatively short labor, she came into the world with a beautiful cry, and looking absolutely perfect. I came into the hospital at 7 am Monday morning for a scheduled induction. Things were slow to get started and the process wasn't realy started until 10:00. I was already having comtractions when I cam ein and was 2 cm and 70 % effaced when we started. The contractions were not that strong that I couldn't handle them but went ahead and received the epidural around 10:45. I learned my lesson from Serenity because I waited until I could barely handle them, and by then I was 9 cm and they had to give me a spinal. This time, the plan was to keep the epi in for the next day when I was scheduled to have a tubal. So it was for the best to get it early. At 12:00 the dr broke my water. My doctor was scheduled to be in surgery at 12, so it was a game to see who would be faster, her or me. At that point I was only 5 and 100 % so the nursees thought I would be fine until she got out. Well, her surgery was late getting started and did not get going until 1. At around 2 I started feeling contractions and pain through the peidural and told the nurse she needed to check me. At that point she said I was 6 but the baby was right there. A few minutes later, around 2:15, I called the nurse and said you need to check me RIGHT NOW!. I knew the baby was coming. She kind of dismissed me thinking there was no way I was ready to go. I tried to tell her that I did the same thing when I was in labor with Joey (I went from 5 to pushing in a half hour). Well she checked me anyway and I was there. She hurried to get a dr, mine was still in surgery so she got one of the partners who was there to assist in the surgery. After 7 pushes, Willow Jade was born.
She weighed 7lbs, 7 ounces and was 18 inches long.
The cord had been wrapped around her neck once, but showed no sgns of distress, or anything. Her apgars were both 9.

Now on to the good part: Her pictures:
Here is the link to her pictures on facebook. The pictures are public so even if you are not a friend or do not have an account, you can still view them.

I will add some more as I get them loaded up on the computer.

Anthony, Joey and Serenity are so inlove with their little sister. They want to help with everything. I am so proud of them all.

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