Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The last touches before my Halloween party

Guest post written by Fiona Jackson

I really love throwing holiday themed parties. It's just so much fun to do it and I think that my friends and neighbors know to count on me for a good party every now and then. I decided to throw a Halloween party about a month ago and am getting ready to throw it this Friday night. I've been doing so much planning for it, but I almost enjoy the planning and the decorating even more than the actual party. So I really can't complain.

Besides, if the party ends up being really fun in the end, then it's all worth it. I've foudn so many ideas for DIY decorations online with mywireless internet Midland. I've been having my family help make some of the more fun decorations and I think it's made them even more excited about it.

I had my son work on a Halloween banner to hang on our porch so that all of our guests will see it hanging and be assured that they're at the right house. He's really creative, so he did a great job on making it look appropriately creepy.

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