Thursday, February 17, 2011


It has been a frustrating week. Willow started getting hives. It started in the middle of the night. She woke up at 3 in the morning flipping out just miserable. That went on until about 5 am. I found a hive on her leg but I thought it was a bug bite. She had been crawling around in the grass earlier at the park when we went to see fireworks. I finally got her down to sleep and went back to bed. She woke up around nine with a messy diaper. When I changed her, the mark on her leg was gone but she had one on her butt. I check on that one about 15 minutes later, and it was gone. She has such fair skin that she gets marks easy so I didn't think too much about it. Well later in the day she started getting covered in them. Then the marks would mysteriously go away again. After about 4 times of her being completely covered, and them disappearing I called the dr. None of my older kids have ever had any issues. No real sicknesses, except once Serenity had pnemomnia, but I didn't even know she was sick, I took her in to check her ears. Joey had an ear infection once. But that is the extent of it. Willow has had a mysterious rash and high fever, and now hives. The dr thinks she was having an allergice reaction to something. After thinking about it all day, I think it was from Joey's mango passionfruit slushie. It was only a sip but I am thinking that had to be it. So now we are on day 4 of hives. They aren't that bad now. Now she only gets a few and they go away quickly. I haven't been giving her the benydryl. She was such a space cadet from it. I gave it to her for 2 days but it was just making her a mess. So now we are just dealing with the rashes. She isn't that cranky anymore either. Poor baby. Now I just need her to get back to sleeping again. She has been up every night since this started and screaming. No matter what I do. It is a 2 hour affair. I am hoping the whole thing will clear up quickly.

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