Thursday, June 24, 2010

I think I like nature shows too much

I have always loved nature shows. Any kind. But now I am up to watching our fish tank. We have a very simple fish tank, a 20 gallon with a beta fish, Hobby. We started to have an algae issue so we decided to get an algae eater. We went with snails because Hobby would attack any kind of fish we added. While at the pet store we also got a cool little frog. We got 3 snails. 2 really really small ones and one that was only slightly bigger. Well, the bigger of them has already tripled in size. I was watching him move around the tank eating. He is the coolest thing. Watching his little stalks searching out the rocks and watching the bottom encompass the rocks. I was mesmerized. But guess what I found while watching the snails... 3 baby snails. SInce snails are asexual they can reproduce on their own. The lady told us at the fish store that they would reproduce quickly. I just didn't realize how quickly. We just got them on the 10th.

But it is the neatest thing to sit and watch them, even if it is only for a few seconds.

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