Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cleaning and purging

You know, with Willow being my last baby, you would think I would be able to get rid of things easy. I did when I thought Joey was my last baby. We had gotten rid of everything. I mean he had just turned 5 when we found out I was going to have my lovely suprise Serenity. We started over from scratch. I had given it all away, never ever thought twice about it. Then again with Serenity. I had passed it all along. I was done having babies, I thought. With exception of the occational baby pang, I was content and we were done. Have I mentioned I love suprises. Then came my suprise Willow. Now this time around I know I am done. I had a tubal after Willow's birth. Soyou think I would have no issues with giving everything away. Do you this babyis 8 months old now, and I just finally got rid of 2 bassients. And selling off her diapers. It is torture. I leave them in boxes and bags piled everywhere. I use the excuse that I hate going through the trouble of taking pictures and posting them... blah blah blah. This from someone who takes pictures daily, and always posting somewhere. ok, so maybe I hate going to the post office. Sure that's my issue. Except it is right next to the bank where I go about 2 times a week anyway. I mean, hell, they share a parking lot, for pete's sake. And I am not normally a pack rat. I am the first to find it a new home or recycle/trash it depending on the case needed. Why all of a sudden am I this baby hoarding junkie? I don't know. I truly don't. SO today I made strides in getting rid of things. I put a ton of things up on ffs over at diaper swappers. Then put some things up for sale. Even some diapers. I am proud of myself. Maybe it was seeing that big empty space in my basement where the basinets were. Maybe it is the thought of having the paypal in my account to try to icandy urban fluff diapering system or buying some new yarn on hyena cart. Or maybe... heck I don't know. Maybe I just came to terms with, I don't need it anymore. Who knows. Why am I blogging about all this. I mean, why do you care? Well some of you are fluffy loving mamas too so might understand my pain. And also, I cant get anymore work done. Willow has decided to strike naptime today. Strike on playtime. Heck, even strike on snack time, and put my cleaning to a complete halt. Maybe she doesn't like me selling off her too small stuff either, LOL


Saebbe said...

I know how it feels. I got rid of everything from Stryder and now that I have Cayley I'm keeping stuff. I need to find the Paypal tree because I want to try those new GroVia's. LOL

karen c said...

your blogs are fun to read...thanks

April said...

oooh purging is a mixed feeling! a feeling of accomplishment, but in this case its bittersweet to get rid of those memories. I hope to do some fluff next time around!