Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Willow knows her carrier means bye bye

It is the cutest thing. Whenever I get one of Willow's carriers out, she gets excited. She knows it is time to go for a walk somewhere. Every school day, I walk Serenity down to the bus stop. We usually use her gorgeous ring sling I have. It is quick and easy to throw on. It is also very comfy for short periods. After long periods I get antsy with it. Willow always loves it though.

On most week days we also walk about 3 blocks to get my van when Jimmy goes to work. We only have the one van at the moment. I could use the ring sling for this, but prefer my new carrier, my everywear carrier. This has definately become my go to carrier. So she has started to recognize this one for going for longer walks.

Yesterday, I need to run errands, like usual, and needed to go get the van. So I pulled the carrier out of the play area. Willow saw it and got so excited. She started kicking her legs, and making her little happy noises. I had to quick get something from the kitchen, so I set the carrier down and walked away. Willow burst into tears. She was so upset. She thought I was taking her bye byes. When I came back into the living room, and picked up her carrier, she stopped crying instantly and started kicking her legs again. I buckled the carrier and went to pick her up. Before I even got to her, the arms were up in the air, she was cooing. I picked her up and started to transfer her to my back, she was laughing and making all kinds of happy noises.

You know, I always wondered what she really thought of being back there. Did she actually like it or was she just indifferent about it. I mean besides, Oh yeah I am being carried. But apparently she truly loves it. That just made my day.

She likes it, she really likes it. :)

Sorry had to share my super cute story, you know a typical mommy brag.

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