Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby birds

Thanks to my neighbor, we now get to watch baby Robins grow. 2 of the robins were hatched yesterday and one hatched today. Mama bird is fiercely protective, of course, so my pictures are not great but I thought it was so amazing. All the kids got to see them. When the mama flew off when she felt we got to close, the sweet little brids started moving around and immediately looking for food. We didn't stay because I was worried the babies would get too cold if mama felt too threatened. Thankfully, the mama Robin was back in under a minute of us walking away and we only stayed for about a minute. The kids think it is the neatest thing. I am hoping to go and check on them every few days towatch how they are growing. I want to use it as a learning experience for Serenity.But honestly, for me too. I love animals of all kinds, and just find it so neat to watch them grow and change. This is my first time seeing newborn robins.

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Miranda said...

Thats so neat. Dakotah loved it when we had baby birds hatching at our old house.