Monday, April 12, 2010

So what's new

Lots but not much at all. My desktop computer is broken. And I can only transfer pictures from my camera using a memory slot, and my laptop doesn't have a slot. So all my pictures are trapped on the camera. The only updated pictures I have are off my cell. Luckily my iphone takes really good pictures under normal circumstances.

The kids are all doing great. Anthony was in the talent show at school He did awesome. He sang Replay. I was really impressed. He owned the stage. My pictures turned out horrible because I forgot the real camera and used my cell. So it was just a blurry mess. But I am getting the DVD from the school. And I am trying to track down some better looking pictures. Anthony has also turned 13. He had a big party, about 27 kids. All the pictures are trapped on my camera. But all the children had a blast. They danced, and had ballons to throw around.

Joey has been taking guitar lessons. His teacher says he has real talent. He says that Joey picks up everything very quickly and he could actually go somewhere with this. He also learned to snowboard. He started learning on a board someone was throwing out. During the huge snow storm we had he saw going down the hill from our driveway to the yard. It only took a few runs and he had it mastered. It took about a half hour until he was attempting tricks. The following weeks he went with school to the ski mountain and took a lesson. Then for his birthday, he was able to go to the mountain for an afternoon to snowboard.

Serenity is doing really great in school. She is starting to read. Even when she isn't at school, she is playing school. She recently stopped going to JLNSDC because I stopped working. It was a tough transition at first but she is enjoying it. She plays all morning before school, and gets to hang out with Willow and me. Then she gets ready for school and get tot ake the bus from our house. This is a big deal in her world.

Willow is doing great. She is getting so big. She is 6 months now, weighing 15lbs and 24 inches long. She is babbling, and sitting up on her own. She still doesn't sleep well, but I think it is just going to be her personality. She seems to sleep a lot like me. Poor thing. She has developed stranger anxiety. BIG TIME. Sometimes people even look at her and she is clutching me. There are times she won't even go with Daddy. But she does love her Daddy. It is the cutest thing when she wakes up in the AM, she looks for him. She has changed so much, and it so much fun watching her grow everyday.

Some more updated picture:

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Tania said...

Your kids are cool! Guitars and snowboarding!!! My huuby hopes Shane loves these things! And Saige is like Willow. I thought it was maybe because she is breastfed..a TOTAL mama's girl! She does the mommy clutch! She likes daddy too...but there are times she cries w/ him too until I take her back. And my sister held her on Easter for the 1st time without her crying! lol.