Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The next Tony Hawk?

Joey loves anything physical. He doesn't have much of an attention span for organsized sports, but a game of basketball  at the park, throwing a ball around the yard, or hitting a ball in the field, he is all for. He loves riding his bike, and is always trying to learn tricks. When he learned to snowboard in the front yard, he was trying to do jumps and turns within an hour of making it down the hill. And he loves skate boarding. He has been doing the baisc for a few years, but just recently has been wanting to do tricks. He loves every aspect of skateboarding. He rides a board down the street when he gets his sister from the bus stop for me. He takes a board to the park. He even tries to do tricks on the sidewalk to the house, which is only a few feet long. He always goes to the skateboarding game on the WII fit. Plays Tony Hawk on the 360 so he can learn different tricks and what they should look like, and wants the board for the WII. He watches the teaching shows on demand that teaches tricks and techniques. And recently he came home from school wanting to make his own design for skate boards, buy some plain boards from the sporting good store and after putting his design on the them, selling them to his friends. And although I am not that good at telling one trick from another, I think he is doing a good job at teaching himself. I mean, he doesn't do many tricks, but I don't cringe anymore when he tries things, LOL. And he always puts on his helmet, without being told. Hey, I hold on to what I can, LOL. But here is my Joey, playing around while we were waiting for Serenity at the bus stop.

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