Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am Everywear challenge

About 2 weeks ago, I read on Twitter about the I am Everywear Challenge.  As a precursor to the event, Scandinavian Child was giving out 50 líllébaby EveryWear carriers. Interested parents were to send in an e-mail stating why they would like to be one of the 50 to receive an EveryWear. I love babywearing, and was already looking for an easy carrier that I cold just throw on especially for my back. I already had a few other carriers but none that were truely simple for back wearing. So I sent in an email. And to my very happy suprise, I was chosen. The challenge is to start, I believe April 28. I got the carrier last night, and I LOVE it. I had already had a very very fussy day with Willow, and she was jsut miserable. I put on the carrier and threw her onto my back. She loved it and promptly fell asleep. Also, Willow loves to nurse in a sitting up position, and she can be in the carrier facing me and still nurse. And with the sleep hood, although it isn't complete coverage, it is pretty darn close. I am looking forward to giving it a real try out and about. We are heading to a community yard sale this coming weekend, and I hate strollers for things like that. SO in the new carrier she will go. I am really excited.

Oh yeah, and since no one was really here who could get a good picture of me using it... here is Joey wearing Willow.


Saebbe said...

Congrats! I'm looking forward to your review! How very fun ;-D

Celia said...

Cool. So it's a SSC or kinda like a buckle tai, but you can wear her facing outwards in the front?

Debi said...

SO far I am loving it. It reminds me of a buckle tai (from what I have seen in pictures). It has 5 positions, cradle (but up to 4 months and even though Willow is small enough size wise but not age, she doesn't like laying like that, front inward, front outward, back, and hip. I havent tried the hip yet, but that is my next one.